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We Are Royals is a prestigious platform catering to the needs of the young generation of future leaders to develop self-esteem, and confidence thus unlocking purpose in young Royals worldwide. We are on the constant search for real people with, real stories, as every Royal has  a great destiny ahead! Its through honest transparency that will help encourage our fellow kings and queens worldwide to push through when one may feel defeated or discouraged.


This project is very dear Nini Amerlise, as she has victoriously healed through much guidance and mentorship, from a series of mental health struggles, to now conquering the fashion and Entertainment industry as an 9-time Award winning Canadian Supermodel, International motivational speaker, Author, Model consultant and remarkable founder of We Are Royals inc. Nini believes it’s time to give back as she is on the search for a new generation of leaders!

Walk with Purpose, Rise to Your Destiny #WeAreRoyals

Its Not how the World defines us, it about embracing our Royal DNA, We are the Difference the World needs. 

Our Mission

The We Are Royals platform aims to utilize creative arts and culture as a means to connect Royals with their peers in a wholesome, non-judgemental and interactive environment. Providing a safe space to heal from past scars, insecurities, shame and possible mental health concerns, ultimately aligning ones self to see the birthing of greatness take place.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We Are Royals offers much gain for every Royal who registers. Offering an array of accessibilities such as workshops, seminars, excursions,achievement awards, career advisement and objectives, ambassador positions , TV opportunities and much more. We’ve partnered with leading experts in the field of health care, creative arts, and spirituality to create a program that meets the needs of each Royal to further overcome varying issues, thus unlocking the best versions of who they are.

We Need Your Support Today!

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